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After the success of 'Em Magan', director Thirumurugan is coming up with his next film titled 'Munniyandi, Vilangiyal Moondramaandu'. Designed as a college-life entertainer, the movie stars Bharath and debutante Poorna in lead roles.

Speaking about the film Thirumurugan says, 'Despite western lifestyle making its way into modern colleges, there are still some institutions that have Tamil tradition deeply rooted in them. The college in the film is one such and the story is based on love with the backdrop of inequality emanating from the ruthless caste system'.

The story is about a rich Poorna falling in love with Bharath in such a way that she gets hysterical. Thinking that she has been possessed by some evil spirit, Vadivelu is summoned to drive away the spirit. Well, makings of some hilarious entertainment.

The story also gets on with serious notes with a plethora of emotions that delve deep into the facets of a boy-girl relationship divided by unfair social divides.

The filmmakers are especially happy with the performance of Poorna. Despite being a debutante, they feel she has it in her to become a top star very soon.

This movie also features Bharath as the protagonist and is all about abounding love in a college campus.

Bharath plays the role of Muniyandi and the title of the film is 'Muniyandi Vilangiyal Moondramaandu'.

Vadivelu plays a prominent role in the film and the character he portrays is called Sorimuthu Ayanaar. Vadivelu is expected to rock in this film.

Thirumurugan lost his father recently and industry sources reveal that the loss has shaken the very roots of the director.

Thirumurugan's father's name is Muniyandi and that is the reason behind the hero being christened with the same name. The film is likely to depict a lot of scenes in memory of the late Muniyandi.
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Ulliyin Osai Songs and Lyrics

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Chief Minister M Karunanidhi's story ‘Ulliyin Osai’ is being made as movie by director Ilavenil.

The movie features Vineeth, Akshaya and Keerthy Chawla. Interestingly Karunanidhi watched a special screening of few scenes of ‘Ulliyin Osai’.

Director Ilavenil says that, “The CM has been giving us suggestions and guiding us to make the film in a realistic manner.”

“Even at this old age, Kalaignar never gets tired and is as active as a youngster,” says Ilavenil.

The director and the team are brimming with confidence that, with Karunanidhi’s able guidance, they could come up with a quality product, he assures.
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