Muran Movie Review, Rating (2.5/5)
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Cast:Cheran, Prasanna, Nikitha, Haripriya
Direction:Rajan Madhav
Music:Sajan Madhav

The first thought that strikes you while watching the much anticipated Muran (Conflict), produced and distributed by director Cheran and UTV Motion Pictures and directed by newcomer Rajan Madhav is that Alfred Hitchcock must be turning in his grave!

Rajan Madhav happens to be acclaimed director Mysskin's erstwhile assistant as well. So expectations were sky-high. As to whether his debut fulfills the hype, remains to be seen.

In the beginning, though, all seems to be perfect: in an up-market hotel, you have a bearded and serious Nandha (director Cheran), an upcoming musician, complete with fashionable beard and guitar, who's trying to make a name for himself.

He's about to seal a lucrative assignment when fate takes an unexpected turn. The entire dining area comes to a halt as a drunk Arjun (Prasanna), slurring and on the verge of an emotional breakdown, threatens to jump off the multi-story building. He does, much to the consternation and shock of everyone present -- including Nandha.

So far, it seems just like one of those coincidental meetings that happen so often in life - until Nandha and Arjun meet again, when Nandha's car breaks down during his journey, courtesy a few drunk youths on the road. Arjun, passing by, offers the musician a lift - and thereby begins an interesting tale.

It's flashbacks galore as Nandha's life-story is revealed: his is a less-than-perfect marriage, with an adulterous wife Indu (Nikita) who won't grant him a divorce; but he does have an understanding girlfriend, Lavanya (Haripriya) who is Nandha's ideal mate.

Arjun, meanwhile, is a conundrum. He lives for thrills, walks willingly in the path of buses and lorries, thinks nothing of taking the wildest risks. The reason: his father Devarajan (Jayaprakash), a successful industrialist, won't give his son the freedom and resources he desires. Besides, he's the reason for Arjun's girlfriend Linda's death.

There's nothing left for Arjun now and so he proposes the ultimate thrill: he'll kill Nandha's wife while Nandha must kill Arjun's father.

With the essential plot-point, and several key twists liberally borrowed from Alfred Hitchcock's Strangers on a Train, Muran deviates from the original only in minor details (such as showing Nandha as a musician, instead of the tennis player his character is, in the original), and having the meeting happen in a car, instead of a train.

While the first half, with its snappy dialogues and the hint of suspense goes along at a good pace, everything starts unraveling, post the interval.

The director appears to have suddenly turned indecisive, about the screenplay: the writing wanders from showing a character as negative, then positive, then negative again.

Songs and fight sequences (no matter how humorously included), do destroy the pace.

Unlike the Hitchcock original, Muran doesn't dwell much on its characters and their development, instead using a dozen twists and turns to add to the suspense. It doesn't work. Almost an hour of unnecessary twists and turns are thrown in, to "add to the suspense" but all it does it drag the screenplay along. There's none of the nail-biting suspense and heart-thumping agony of the unknown here.

Of the actors, Prasanna walks away with the honours. The man is disarmingly charming, striking the right balance between naiveté, hurt and downright villainy when the dithering screenplay allows him to, that is. He invests the dialogues with such effrontery that you can't help but applaud his talents.

Cheran, though, is a major disappointment. The man usually doesn't turn in a terrible performance, but this time, it's as though he learnt to emote from the Terminator School of Acting. With his beard covering half his face, there's little to be discerned about any of his emotions at any time. It's only his confrontations with Prasanna that provide some relief.

The heroines have precious little to do. Jayaprakash, with his very limited screen space, does a neat job.

Saajan Madhav's music doesn't linger much, expect for Idhu Varai. Padmesh's camera is slick, and non-intrusive. Arun Durairaj's editing passes muster. But then, this isn't the kind of movie that depends on technical excellence for its kudos.

Muran scores at certain points, such as Prasanna, and a smattering of scenes. It does lose, heavily, in originality.

Muran -  Review 2

Muran - Strikingly different

The title itself was striking and what more with two stars (Cheran and Prasanna) sharing the screen, expectations were high. Directed by Sajjan Madhav, the movie, a road journey, has twists and turns. Check out the review the Tamil Movie Review- Muran Movie Review.


It is the tale of two persons. Nandha (Cheran) is more a introvert. A musician ( who wants to become a music director), he is wed locked to Indhu (Nikhita). They fall apart in life after difference of opinion. Nandha comes across Arjun (Prasanna), a rich businessman who lives life his own way. He loves challenges and thrills. He wants life to come his way.

On fine day, Nandha is forced to take a lift in Arjuna's car. There they get acquainted. They share details of their life. Then they decide to seek favour from each other for their life. - Two gruesome murder... What follows is an interesting and thrilling event that they come across in their lives.


Three cheers to Cheran. He plays his part exceedingly well. A musician who lost his life, he brings all emotions in his eyes. Prasanna is not far behind. His body language and his costumes come handy to portray his character. Both combine well to gove their best on screen. Also the likes of Hariprya, Nikita and Jayaprakash fit the bill and give a powered perfomance.


Cinematographer Padmesh brings a taut thriller before our eyes with his scintillating camera work. His hard work has paid rich dividends. Wach out for Sajjan Madhav's background score. It is impressive. The director's shrewd handling of screenplay makes it count.


More like the Alfred Hitchcock's films, the narration provides more suspense and thrill than the scenes. Shrewd characterizations, apt dialogues and excellent props add pep to the film. But the lacunae have been the songs that mar the proceedings.

Verdict : Muran is a taut thriller
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'Mayakkam Enna' Highlights & Interesting facts

The songs and the teaser trailer from Dhanush's 'Mayakkam Enna' have hyped the expectations on the film multi-fold among the young. Now the latest grapevine has is that the film will see Dhanush through four different stages in his life.
It is said that Dhanush will be seen in various stages, as a boy just out of his teenage to an old man! This is one of the USPs of the film which will be a big hit among audience, according to sources. "The national award winning actor has pulled off a great performance and his acting in the teasers is just a prelude", say those in the know.

When quizzed Selva about his three prior hits with Dhanush and what will be different in 'Mayakkam Enna', he expressed "We planned it in a manner that the shades of our prior three films wont be seen in this. Dhanush's acting also will be different and you wouldn't have seen this side of his. Also, Richa Gangopadhyay is on par with Dhanush's performance".

His song with brother Dhanush, 'Kadhal En Kadhal...' is rocketing the charts and introduced to us to the singer in Selva who has delivered the colloquial lyrics well. But the director has a different tale to tell, he jokingly quoted that he only recorded the premix with GV but GV insisted on releasing it with Selva's voice as it has a rustic feel and when the latter didn't want credits he gave credits as well.

Richa Gangopadhyay will be making her debut in Tamil through this film and her character is sketched with ample importance in the script, something on the lines of importance given to Anitha and Divya's characters in '7G Rainbow Colony' and 'Kadhal Konden'.

Come back to IndiaGlitz for more interesting information on this Dhanush starrer that is gearing up for a Diwali release.
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Karthi to romance Anushka & Nikitha

Immediately after completing ‘Saguni’, Karthi Sivakumar will start working with Suraj, the ‘big brother’ of commercial entertainers. In that movie, the actor will have two beautiful women opposite him and they are Anushka Shetty and Nikitha.
While Anushka has been signed for the project long back, the latest entrant is Nikitha, who recently faced a ban in Kannada film industry, which was however revoked later. “I am happy to act in a Tamil film with Karthi. I play a village belle in the movie,” she says.

The yet-to-be-titled film is set in the backdrop of both the city and the village, and we learn that the city portions would have Anushka romancing Karthi, with Nikitha playing his lady love in the rural scenes. “It is a complete commercial entertainer like the earlier ventures of Suraj,” sources say.

Meanwhile, Karthi is on the verge of completing the shoot of ‘Saguni’, directed by newcomer Shankar Dayal. He is also eagerly awaiting the release of his elder brother Suriya’s Deepavali treat ’7aum Arivu’. “I will watch the film first day first show,” says the actor.
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Kalasala will be youth anthem & evergreen hit - Simbu

The Tamil version of the item song Munni Badnam Hui will begin with the lyrics Kalasala, revealed Silmabarasan, the lead star in Osthi. The film has Richa playing his lead pair and Dharani is directing this remake of Dabangg.

Silambarasan said that popular singer LR Easwari and his dad T Ranjendar will render this song under the music direction of Thaman. Adding further, the star said that he wanted a very different voice for this particular song and hence zeroed in on LR Easwari and T Rajendar.

The actor predicted that Kalasala will turn out to be a youth anthem when it releases and will be an evergreen hit like L R Eswari’s all time hit Thulluvadho Ilamai.
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Suriya's to team up with Venkat Prabhu for his next?

There are multiple versions doing rounds about the next film of Venkat Prabhu, post the gigantic success of this director's last venture, Ajith-starrer 'Mankatha'. And one of them claims he would work with Suirya for his forthcoming project, which would get soon kick-start!
"Suirya was thoroughly impressed with a one-liner narrated by Venkat Prabhu and is game for working with him. However, it may take some time for the actor to start the film, as he has to honour his earlier commitments as he is busy with Maatraan and would do a film with Hari after that," sources say.

 Venkat Prabhu's 'Mankatha' is emerging the blockbuster of the year, with box-office reports claiming never-before figures. The film has been declared a super hit in all centers and is still running strong, exactly a month after its release.

More Stories...
Looks like director Venkat Prabhu has finally decided on his next project! If the buzz in Kollywood is true, then the Mankatha director has achieved a coup of sorts by signing up with none other than Suriya for his next flick.

The director's Mankatha had the second highest opening ever in K-town, second to only the Superstar's Endhiran. Though Suriya has agreed in principle to work with him, it looks like the director would have to wait for a while before the film can actually go on the floor. Suriya's 7aum Arivu is yet to release and he has to complete Hari's film before he starts Venkat Prabhu's project.

Currently, Venkat Prabhu is off to Malaysia with Premgi and friends for a holiday, possibly to celebrate the success of Mankatha and relax after the Charan-Sona episode. 
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Karthi raving about Ajith's role in Mankatha

Karthi just couldn't stop raving about Mankatha and Ajith's role in it. The star said that no other star would have had the courage to undergo such a makeover, especially a character that required traits of villainy and sporting grey hair. Ajith doing a role that befits his age is really cool, said Karthi. It proves that the star is experimental and not image conscious, he added.

In Mankatha, Ajith donned the role of a 40-year-old corrupt police officer and sported a salt and pepper look that was the talk of the town.
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Ishtam: About (Vimal) Software professionals

The upcoming film Ishtam marks the debut as heroine in Tamil films for Nisha Aggarwal. Younger sister of Kajal Aggarwal, Nisha debuts in the film opposite Vimal of Pasanga and Kalavaani fame. The film is the Tamil remake of the Telugu super-hit film Ae Maindhi Ee Vela directed by Sampath Nandhi.
Prem Nishar, who assisted director Chakri Taloti during the making of the Kamal-starrer Unnaipol Oruvan, debuts as director with this film which is cinematographed by Sekar Joseph, who has worked in films like Chandramukhi. Music is taken care of by Thaman while dance sequences are choreographed by Kanlyan.
Balaji Real Media, which produced Dhanush-starrer Uthamaputhiran, is producing Ishtam which reportedly deals with how the software professionals' working culture changes their lifestyles altogether. For the first time, Vimal moves to a city-based subject and is paired opposite debutant Nisha. Santhanam is also there to provide comic relief.

The pretty-looking Nisha, who is as beautiful as her famous sister, has put in a very good performance, says Prem. "As Nisha played the heroine's role in the Telugu version, we have cast her in the Tamil version too. She has also performed some intimate scenes with Vimal in the film, which won't be bordering on obscenity," concludes Prem.
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My films are story based - Madhavan

Madhavan is not keen on doing the remake of his Tanu Weds Manu in Tamil, rather is planning a sequel to it in Hindi..

He says, ‘My films are not typical films. My heroines have a lot more to do than just item numbers. My films are all story-based and the woman's character is very performance-oriented.’

The actor's hit films like Alaipayuthey and Tanu Weds Manu are prime examples of this. There were talks of remaking Tanu Weds Manu in Tamil with Maddy in the lead again. But now, it looks like the sequel in Hindi is priority.
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‘Velayudham’ re-take & then to Post Productions

The shooting for Jayam Raja’s superhero subject ‘Velayudham,’ which sees Ilayathalapathy in the protagonist’s role had wrapped up shoot a few days back with the post production work going on in full swing. Now recently the core team of ‘Velayudham’ met in Puducherry according to sources.

The reason for the meet was to record a stunt scene involving Vijay and the baddie. While the shoot for the team was over earlier, the director seems to have felt the need for a retake to retouch some of the stunt scenes, and hence the shooting. The shoot took place as a one-day schedule and was wrapped up towards sun down the same day.

With ‘Velauyudham’ being confirmed as a Diwali release and with the music by Vijay Anthony becoming a huge success, the fans of Ilayathalapathy are more eager than ever to see their matinee idol act, romance, dance and fight baddies on the big screen. ‘Velauyudham’ will be Vijay’s first attempt at approaching a superhero subject.

Vijay in and as ‘Velayudham’ will be sharing screen space with Hansika Motwani and Genelia, who will play his heroines, and Saranya Mohan will be his sister in the film. We will get back with more interesting updates as the clock keeps ticking towards the release date!
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Actres Anjali Salary hike after Engeyum Eppothum 
The Telugu migrant to Kollywood, this actress has the potential to inculcate a new direction to the actresses. Anjali started appearing before the camera as a model before making appearances in low budget Tollywood movies.

She made a silent revolution through Vasantha Balan's Angadi Theru for which she was suitably rewarded with Filmfare Best Debut actress. From then she is very choosy about the movies and is rarely on any sort of controversy. Her popularity gained with the latest hit of Mangatha. Her other films include Katradhu Tamil with Jeeva, Rettai Chuzhi, a cameo appearance in Kho, the latest Engeyum Eppothum. She is booked for the ensuing Thambi Vettothi Sundaram and Aravaan and Maharaja.

She draws the pay package of Rs 30 lakhs.
Current Salary: 30 Lakhs
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Force John, Genelia Hindi – Movie Review

After Ajay Devgn and Salman Khan, it is the turn of John Abraham. Yes! His latest movie Force, which has hit the screens today, is remake of Tamil hit movie Kaakha Kaakha, which starred Suriya and Jyothika. The film has heavily borrowed Masala elements from movies of 1970s and 80s. It is a treat for action lovers.

Force is an action-cum-love story and John Abraham's rocking performance is the major highlight of the movie. Romance, loads of action, treachery an revenge are other plus points of the movie. But it suffers from clichéd and predictable plotline. Force might forcibly make you like it in some sequences.

Despite having some dragging moments, the first half of the film engages the audiences, but the real essence of Force comes in the second half. What make the movie work are its sharp and punch dialogues and real-raw action scenes. Director Nishikant Kamat has really managed to hold the attention of the viewers with his sound technical knowledge.

Yashvardhan (John Abraham) is a hard-headed senior narcotics officer, who always ensures that justice is served. In his mission to crack down on India's drug cartels, he encounters a ruthless enemy, who will stop at nothing until he gets his revenge for the damage done to his business by the narcotics team. Meanwhile, he falls in love with free-spirited Maya (Genelia), who forces him to choose between his professional life and her love life. What happens next will form the climax of the film.

John Abraham is a perfect choice for the male lead and he has delivered an outstanding performance. His chiseled body well suits the role of a young and self-confident Narcotics Officer. He rocks movie goers in action and dialogue delivery. Genelia has got lot of scope for performance in the film and she has used it to prove that she is not under-rated actress. The on-screen chemistry between John and Genelia is a treat. Vidyut Jammwal suits well for the villain role opposite John and has given a good performance. Others like Mohnish Bahl, Sandhya Mridul, Amit Gaurr, Kamlesh Sawant, Mukesh Rishi, Raj Babbar have done justice to their respective roles.

Force has superb production values and Allan Amin's choreographed stunts are the major attraction of them. Secondly, Harris Jayaraj's music is also the highlight of the movie and Nishikant has integrated the songs very well in it. Ayananka Bose's picturisation is a visual treat. Editing, art direction, costumes and the selection of the locations are also commendable.

In a nutshell, Force might be a remake movie, but it completely engages the audience with its story. It is really a treat for action lovers.

Producer: Vipul Amrutlal Shah

Nishikanth Kamath

Cast: John Abraham, Genelia D'Souza, Vidyut Jamwal, Mohnish Bahl, Raj Babbar, Sandhya Mridul, Amit Gaurr, Kamlesh Sawant, Mukesh Rishi

Music: Harris Jayaraj

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My role in Osthi has more significance Says Richa

Kollywood's newest actress Richa Gangopadhyay who flew from Tollywood making big through upcoming tamil movies. Richa Gangopadhyay is playing the role of Sonakshi Sinha in Dabangg tamil remake Osthi.The actress says she has much scope to performance that Sonakshi.

Richa Gangopadhyay said "My role in the film balances glamour and performance in a right ratio. Director Dharani has made the necessary changes to the script for Osthi and the female lead has more significance".

We are aware that Richa Gangopadhyay is romancing kollywood's top actress Dhanush in Maykamma Enna and Simbu in Osthi. She reveals about this as "I am lucky to pair with two top actors of Tamil cinema in the initial stages of my career in Kollywood. Both Osthi and Mayakkam Enna will be landmark films in my career".

Dhanush,Richa starring Selvaraghavan directing movie Mayakkam Enna is slated to hit th big screens soon.Osthi audio will released on October 6th.

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Aindrita Ray Puneeth Raj Kumar Hot Stills From Paramathma

Kannada Actress Aindrita Ray Hot Photo Shoot Still From Paramathma Kannada Movie

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I played the role in Vedi for Prabhu Deva-Poonam Kaur

South side sensious actress Poonam Kaur is on the lines of special roles from her last few films.The actress was seen in Nenjirikkum Vare and Payanam and she is going to play the role of sister to Vishal in Vedi film.

Poonam Kaur's role in Prabhu Deva directing Vedi movie has much importance with the lead roles of the film.Poonam Kaur speaks as "I have decided not to do the same role again that I did in the original version Souryam, but I have accepted the offer as the film is directed by Prabhu Deva. I am happy I got a chance to work with Prabhu Deva master, who I admire a lot. I am planning to do good films by maintaining a fine balance between glamour and performance".

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Kannada movie Kalla Malla Sulla Actress Hot Stills

Kannada movie Kalla Malla Sulla Hot Photo Shoot Stills, Kalla Malla Sulla Hot Pictures With Ravichandran Releasing Soon in Theaters Film: 'Kalla Malla Sulla'; Cast: Ravichandran, Ramesh Arvind, Vijaya Raghavendra, Raagini, Yagna Shetty, Rishika Singh, Monica, Raju Thalikote, Sihi Kahi Chandru, Sadhu Kokila, Mandya Ramesh; Producer: K. Manju; Director: Udaya Prakash; Camera: G.S.V.Seetharam; Music Director: Alex Paul

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Kannada Actress Aindrita Ray Hot Photos

Kannada Actress Aindrita Ray Hot Photo Shoot Still From Paramathma Kannada Movie

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Nikitha Narayana Latest Beautiful Stills Photos

Nikitha Narayana Latest Beautiful Stills Photos,Nikitha Narayana New Gallery

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