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Kovai Sarala gets a firm foothold in small screen too

Posted: 28 May 2012 08:14 PM PDT

Kovai Sarala Sabash Meera

After the legendary 'Aachi' Manorama, one name which comes to everybody's mind when it comes to enacting all kinds of roles with effortless ease on screen is that of Kovai Sarala. The actress, who started off as a comedienne in the early eighties, slowly graduated to a character actress and even paired up opposite 'Ulaganayagan' Kamal Haasan in Sathi Leelavathy more than a decade back.

Kovai Sarala's last outing in Tamil was in last year's super-duper hit film Kanchana wherein she brought back memories of her glorious past by playing Raghava's mother in a comic role. Her presence in the film lightened the hearts of the viewers who sat through the horror film and enjoyed it immensely. Sarala has now started her acting avatar in small-screen too.

She plays the lead role in the comedy serial Sabash Meera which is being aired on Jaya TV. Actresses like Manorama and Sachu, who have made significant achievements in films, did prove successfull on small-screen too. Sarala too debuted on small-screen a few years back but not as an actress as she has been hosting a reality game show for a regional television channel.

Sabash Meera, which is aired on five days a week in the afternoon, has Sarala playing the daughter of veteran stage and film actor 'Kathadi' Ramamoorthy. The story, screenplay, dialogues and the title song of the tele-serial have been penned by Gopu-Babu. Sarala's presence in the serial has been making the afternoons very lively, sources add.

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Natty Kumar drags Rajini’s name again in ‘settlement’ issue

Posted: 28 May 2012 07:50 PM PDT

Natty Kumar

It appears that the issue relating to the so-called losses incurred by producer and distributor Natty Kumar when he released the Dhanush-Shruti Haasan ’3′ in Telugu may not settle down for the time being. Kumar said that he had suffered losses to the tune of a few 'crore' and blamed Dhanush and Aishwarya for the losses for not turning up to visit Hyderabad to promote the film as promised.

He had also said that superstar Rajinikanth might consider 'compensating' him for the losses which made Rajini come out with a statement saying that he was in no way involved in the making of the film and as such wasn't obliged to compensate Kumar for the losses. Kasthuriraja, Dhanush's father and producer of the film, had kept quite on the issue and spoke in detail a few days back.

Kasthuri Raja said that Natty Kumar hadn't paid them the full amount, as he had promised, when he took over the film's distribution and release in Telugu. He also accused Natty Kumar of selling the satellite broadcasting rights of the film without seeking permission from him. Kasthuri Raja also said that he was weighing the 'legal options' of pursing the case with Natty Kumar in Courts.

Natty has again dragged Rajini's name in the issue. "The makers of the film have cheated me by filming in an ordinary manner the hugely popular Kolaveri song. They have filled their pockets but cheated me. I heard that superstar Rajini had bailed out Aishwarya from her liabilities with her bank. I request Rajini to step in and compensate me for the losses suffered," says Natty.

Keep watching this space for further updates!

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Namitha refuses to play lesbian

Posted: 28 May 2012 07:10 PM PDT

Namitha launches thalakonam audio Still

Hottie Namitha has recently turned down a 'hot' offer to play a lesbian in an upcoming film. The actress has not only refused to star in the film but has also said that she is not a supporter of the 'same-sex' groups.

Known to ooze sex from top to bottom in all her films, Namitha has been out of reckoning in Tamil films for the past couple of years or so. Whatever roles she has taken up in recent times, she has ensured that she 'exposes' only to a decent level and doesn't go overboard. She is said to be in a happy frame of mind though she doesn't have many films on hand.

When a director approached her and narrated to her a script containing a spirit's story, Namitha was obviously impressed. Trouble erupted when the director said that the script had a sequence wherein Namitha's character would have to have 'sex' with a female spirit. Namitha defiantly opposite the script and said that she won't be doing the film.

"I'm not a supporter of the same-sex groups….even for films I won't be seen to be supporting their cause. Please don't mistake me; I'm not interested in your project!" was Namitha's curt replay to the director.

Hats off to Namitha for standing by her policy!

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Mankatha Villain Ravi Kumar murdered

Posted: 28 May 2012 07:05 PM PDT

Mankatha Villain Ravikumar

Ajith's Mankatha had actor Ravikumar in a villainous role. Ravi has acted in Vishal's Vallakottai and performed for the small screen in some serials. The actor who resides in Erukkanchery, Chennai was friends with one Raj Kumar.

"The two were making rounds on their bike midnight Saturday", said a witness. Raj Kumar who is a moneylender, was finding it hard to maintain his balances. Many who had borrowed in credit, din't return their amounts, despite being warned several times by Raj himself. Seeking help he called up his friend and Mankatha villain Ravi Kumar, to accompany him to the house of defaulters. They had to face the unexpected. A local gang of rowdies caught the two friends, wanting to end things. Knowing that they couldn't take on the group, Ravi and Raj tried to run for cover. Raj the loan lender, somehow escaped but it was his faithful friend Ravi who paid the price. The gang members pulled him and stabbed mercilessly until he breathed his last. Though Raj is safe nothing is known about his whereabouts. Instilling fear in the minds of many, the incident comes as a dark reminder; questioning the security of locals and the innocent.

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Asin looking for a good man,at Karan Johar party – Pic

Posted: 28 May 2012 10:49 AM PDT

Asin Karan JOhar

Asin Thottumkal still needs to confirm her Kollywood seat in Shankar's Therdhal as she needs to find time out of Bollywood. As her latest Housefull 2, literally packed theaters full house, Asin has already moved on to her next muti-crore project in Bol Bachchan.

She was recently spotted at top Bollywood director Karan Johar's birthday bash that saw the attendance of big wigs from B-town including Shahrukh Khan and wife Gauri, Vidya Balan and boyfriend Siddharth Roy Kapoor, Sanjay Dutt and Priyanka Chopra. In her last social do, Asin had stunned everyone going for a traditional Kasavu saree. This time again, her seductive white fairy look, caught everyone's imagination. Down South there are unconfirmed reports of the actress signing up for Vikram and Shankar's Therdhal, but she  right now she is content basking in her Bolllywood glory. Posing hot at Karan Johar's birthday bash, she says, "I am thrilled to have three films in the coveted 100-crore list. It is a function of luck, working with good people. Good men & good scripts-two things I’m looking for, So far I’ve been lucky with the scripts. It’s perhaps time to focus on finding the man. ;) "


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Tamanna at Racha Axe Auction Opening – Stills

Posted: 28 May 2012 08:44 AM PDT

Tamanna at Racha Goddali Auction

Tamanna at Racha Goddali Auction

Following the trend of auctioning accessories used by heroes in Telugu cinema, Racha producers has auctioned the Axe(a weapon, Goddali in Tamil/Telugu) used by Ram Charan in climax fight of Racha. Actress Tamanna the heroine of the film started the auction. This auction amount will be used to help the poor film actors.

Hema, Ashok Kumar, Narsing Yadav, Maharshi Raghava, AVS, Kadambari Kiran and Sivarama Krishna and many others attended for this event.

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Mayanginen Thayanginen too steamy for the Censors

Posted: 28 May 2012 08:06 AM PDT

mayanginen thayanginen

Mayanginen Thayanginen presented a challenging task to Censor board officials recently. The movie stars actor Nithin Sathya and Disha Pandey in lead roles and has Rameswaran handling the cinematography. Undergoing the censor scans, the film was awarded an 'A' certificate initially.

Mayanginen Thayanginen Movie Hot Stills

Director Vendhan quips, "The film is inspired by a real life incident and has an engrossing screenplay to go with. Mayanginen Thayanginen touches on the lives of the mentally challenged, who are abused in the asylums." Actors Ganja Karuppu, Pawan, Tharun Chatriya, Tejashree, Ajai Rathnam and Bala are part of the Mayanginen Thayanginen ensemble cast, having music scored by Kannan. " I had insisted that the Censor Board officials clear it with a U certificate but they wanted me to cut out on the scenes. I can assure you that it hasn't hampered the story in anyway, since some romantic scenes and action scenes have been cut off to reach a larger audience", confirms the director. Mayanginen Thayanginen had to make 100 cuts and mute sounds in 10 different places until it got classified as a 'U' certificate release. Reportedly, the bedroom scenes between lead pair Nithin Sathya and Disha Pandey came out too steamy. Mayanginen Thayanginen, now 'U' certified, releases at theater halls on June 1st.

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Jeeva’s sister Devi for Mani Ratnam’s Kadal

Posted: 28 May 2012 08:05 AM PDT


 Director Mani Ratnam's Kadal has signed up Devi for a new role. The film that started it's shoot in the coasts of Manapad (Thoothukudi district) has Samantha Ruth Prabhu playing lead heroine opposite debutant Gautham, son of actor Karthick. Devi who played Jiiva's sister in Shankar’s Nanban, is excited on signing up her part.

Shooting her scenes for the film under veteran Mani Ratnam's, she says, "They have such professionalism about their work and I am so happy to perform for Kadal." Kadal also marks the coming together of composer AR Rahman and his mentor Mani Ratnam. The director came to know that Devi is part of prominent Tamil theater group Koothu-p-pattarai, and that she runs regular workshops, being an active participant. Mani wanted her to instruct his actors and he kept a close eye on her throughout the workshop. Next thing Devi knew, the director had a small role planned for her, impressed by the way she presented things. Though Nanban proved to be a great spring pad for Devi she has taken up some crucial roles including the suicide bomber Dhanu, in "Mission 90 Days", years back. She plays hero Gautham's mother in the upcoming flick Kadal, shot extensively in the backwaters and forts of Kerala.

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Lady luck evades Chennai Super Kings at IPL, 2012

Posted: 28 May 2012 08:00 AM PDT

Trisha Dhanya

It was a dull weekend for Chennaites, as their Super Kings tumbled out in the finals. They posed a handsome 190 for 4 , winning the toss and choosing to bat. Things looked even better getting Gautham Gambhir knocked out in the very first over, but the double time winners failed to blow the victory whistle. Amidst all the drama, lady luck simply wasn't favoring the CSK team off field too.

Bangalore actress Dhanya Balakrishna vented her anger out on Chennai reaching the play offs saying, "Dear Chennai, you beg for water, we give! You beg for electricity, we give!Your people come and occupy our beautiful city and kocha paduthify it, we allow and now you were at mercy to go to playoffs, and we let be!!! Like this you begging-  we giving.Ungalukku vekkame illaya da??"  Dhanya has acted in Surya's 7aam Arivu and the 100 day hit Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Yeppadi. When her comments went viral, the actress put up an apology saying, "I am leaving Chennai and the Tamil film industry. Hope this decision will end the abusive brutality and emotional torture for everyone concerned with it. I don't intend to come back; I do not want people abusing each other and me. I have even cancelled all my current shooting obligations. This is it." Meanwhile Kollywood's reigning queen Trisha was on the receiving end, spotted with Kolkata Knightriders supporters at the MA Chidambaram stadium during the finals. On knowing her fans were hurt Trisha said, "Hi guys. Dont make it a big issue. I will always support only CSK but have sum KKR friends. Let us have a large heart and be happy for others."  A beaten Chennai Super Kings, neither had lady luck shining nor the ball in their court, losing out to Shahrukh Khan's Kolkata team, in a thrilling finale.



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Samantha for Shankar-Vikram’s Therdhal

Posted: 28 May 2012 08:00 AM PDT


Director Shankar's Therdhal is having some final adjustments made. Starting of the year with the Bollywood remake Nanban, Shankar's upcoming Therdhal is based on the cheap underground play of cash for vote, before the elections. There was news that Asin would be making her re-entry with the movie.

This saw self-proclaimed saviors Hindu Makkal Katchi stepping into unwanted action. They accused the Kaavalan heroine of visiting Sri Lanka, attending a party thrown by the Lankan president, despite warnings from the Nadigar Sangam. On knowing about Asin being considered for Shankar's next, Kumar – State Secretary of HMK, openly stated, "Shankar should respect Tamil sentiments and reconsider his decision, failing which we would hold protests in front of his residence in Chennai."  The Director has now chosen hot and happening actress Samantha for the Vikram starrer. With AR Rahman scoring the music and PC Sreeram handling the lens, Therdhal has Shankar dig into the loopholes of the largest democratic system in the world, to be made as a trilingual in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. The Kollywood director will start shooting in the coming month of June and has the script and dialogues penned by duo 'Suba'. When contacted a source revealed "Samantha’s done well in Tollywood which made her a favorable choice.” In for the Shankar movie, Samantha also has  Mani Ratnam’s Kadal coming up and Gautham Menon’s NEP. Kollywood definitely has found it’s next big heroine in Sam.

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Kottaimedu Movie Launch Stills and Video

Posted: 28 May 2012 07:45 AM PDT


Kottaimedu Movie Launch event held at AVM, Chennai on 28th May 2012. Actor Murali, Director V.N.Rajasubramanian, Music Director Ganesh Raghavendra, Lyricst Viveka, Director Sargunam, Sun Music Anchor Suguna and others graced the event.

Kottaimedu Movie Launch Video

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Pranitha says she loves to pair up opposite big heroes only

Posted: 27 May 2012 09:46 PM PDT


Pranitha is an upcoming actress in the film industry. She starred in the film Udhayan opposite Arulnidhi more than a year back and has bagged a prestigious project Saguni opposite Karthi which is being directed by debutant director Shankar Dhayal. Even before she could have a significant hit film in Tamil, Pranitha is said to be throwing tantrums.

She is said to be telling produces and directors approaching her with new film offers in Tamil that she would only be starring opposite leading heroes and not against upcoming and debutingheroes. As such, she joins the select list of actresses who make their debut opposite newcomers and if their first film becomes a hit, they'd then start saying that they'd star only opposite 'big' heroes and in films made by leading production houses.

Saguni has had a nice pre-release going about it in the industry. With the combination of Karthi and Santhanam, which earlier brought the roof down with their antics in last year's Siruthai, the film is expected to do well though Pranitha is a largely unknown entity in Tamil films. However, Pranitha's reported 'tantrums' might not get her far in the industry, it is feared.

She was recently approached by a director to pair up opposite Krishna who had put in a brilliant performance in his latest film Kazhugu. Pranitha turned down the offer saying that she has decided only to pair up opposite leading heroes. As such, many producers and directors have decided not to approach Pranitha for their films.

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Lakshmi Rai joins Thandavam Crew in London

Posted: 27 May 2012 09:27 PM PDT

Lakshmi Rai Hot Stills

Lanky Lakshmi Rai recently left for London to be part of director A.L. Vijay's upcoming film Thandavam which is presently being shot in and around London. Thandavam is Vijay's latest directorial venture after last year's critically acclaimed Deivathirumagal which starred Vikram, Anushka, Amala, Baby Sara and Santhanam in lead roles. Vikram's characterization as that of a mentally challenged person was appreciated by the critics as well as the actor's fans.

Thandavam again has Vikram playing the lead role as a typical commercial hero. Amy Jackson, who debuted as heroine in Vijay's earlier flick Madarasapattinam more than a couple of years back, is one of the two heroines in the film. Anushka, who impressed many as a forthright lawyer in Deivathirumagal, is the other heroine in Thandavam and gets to romance Vikram.

Riding on the success of last year's Mankatha and Kanchana, Lakshmi Rai has been added as the latest addition to the cast of Thandavam. Rai left for London to take part in the film's shoot as most of the film is being filmed in England. Unfortunately, the crew had to face Nature's wrath as it has started raining heavily in England. Known for his patience, Vijay has decided to wait and complete his shooting schedule before returning to India.

Rai says that she's not Vikram's third heroine in the film. "My character in the film is very different. Yes; neither Vikram nor I fall in love with each other in the film. However, my character has been conceived in such a manner that I appear throughout the film. It's a significant role and I'm sure it'd give me as much name and popularity as did my role in last year's Ajith-starrer Mankatha," explains Lakshmi Rai.

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AR Rahman holidaying in Los Angeles with his family

Posted: 27 May 2012 09:00 PM PDT

A R rahman family photo

Music wizard A.R. Rahman has found a great way to escape the scorching summer which has been literally 'frying' Chennaiites and the rest of the State. The twin-Oscare winner is presently in Los Angeles in U.S., where he had gone with his entire family, to take a much-deserved break from work.

Rahman's major films this year include superstar Rajinikanth's Kochadaiyan and ace director Maniratnam's Kadal. Known to take his own time in composing music for his films, Rahman remains busy throughout the year and thought it better to have a 'break' from composing films. The first idea which struck Rahman when he thought of holidaying along with his family was to visit Los Angeles.

Though he is supposed to take 'complete rest', Rahman has already started work on his Hollywood venture titled Monkeys of Bollywood. He has reportedly been taking his kids regularly to the premises of the Universal Studios which is situated nearby. Invariably, he gets spotted by the locals who hunt him for autographs.

Indian celebrities largely remain undisturbed when they go abroad for the purpose of vacation and for the shooting schedule of their upcoming films. Rahman's case, though, appears to be very different as he has become so popular that it's almost impossible for him to remain unrecognized irrespective of wherever he visits.

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