Quantum of Solace(2008)

Quantum of Solace(2008)-Tamil dubbed

Story Line:

James Bond (Daniel Craig) is driving from Lake Como to Siena, Italy with the captured Mr. White (Jesper Christensen). After evading pursuers, Bond and M (Judi Dench) interrogate White regarding his organization, Quantum. M's bodyguard, Mitchell, a double agent, attacks M, enabling White to escape; Bond chases Mitchell across Siena and kills him.
Bond and M search Mitchell's flat and discover he had a contact in Haiti. Bond heads to Haiti to investigate Mitchell's contact, Edmund Slate, and learns that Slate was sent to kill Camille Montes (Olga Kurylenko) at the behest of her lover, Dominic Greene (Mathieu Amalric), the chairman of an ecological organization called Greene Planet. While observing her meeting with Greene, Bond learns that Greene is helping the Bolivian general Medrano (Joaquin Cosio)—who murdered Camille's family—overthrow his government in exchange for a seemingly barren piece of desert.
After rescuing Camille from Medrano, Bond follows Greene to a performance of Tosca in Austria; en route, CIA agent Gregg Beam (David Harbour) strikes a non-interference deal with Greene to maintain access to Bolivian oil, overruling the objections of Felix Leiter (Jeffrey Wright). Bond infiltrates Quantum's meeting at the opera, and a gunfight ensues in the adjoining restaurant. A Special Branch bodyguard of Quantum member Guy Haines, an advisor to the British Prime Minister, is killed, and M, assuming Bond is the killer, has his passports and credit cards revoked. Bond convinces his old ally René Mathis (Giancarlo Giannini) to accompany him to La Paz. They are greeted by Strawberry Fields (Gemma Arterton), an MI6 field operative from the British Consulate, who demands that Bond return to the UK on the next available flight; nonetheless, Bond soon seduces her before they attend a party Greene holds that night.
At the party, Bond rescues Camille again from Greene. Leaving, Bond and Camille are pulled over by Bolivian police working for Medrano; they had earlier attacked Mathis and put him in the trunk of Bond's car to frame him, and in the ensuing struggle Mathis is killed. Bond and Camille survey Quantum's intended land acquisition in a Douglas DC-3 plane, but are shot down by an Aermacchi SF.260 fighter and a Bell UH-1 Iroquois helicopter. They parachute out of the burning plane into a sinkhole. In the cave, Bond and Camille discover Quantum is not after oil but is damming Bolivia's supply of fresh water, normally flowing in subterranean rivers, to create a monopoly. Back in La Paz, Bond meets M and learns that Quantum murdered Fields by drowning her naked in crude oil. M orders Bond arrested for disobeying orders but he defies her and escapes.
Bond meets Leiter, who discloses Greene and Medrano will meet at an eco-hotel in the Bolivian desert to finalize the coup; warned by Leiter, he evades American special forces attempting to kill him. At the hotel, Greene and Medrano negotiate their terms. Greene then finally reveals his true plans. By gaining control of the majority of Bolivia's water supply, Greene badgers Medrano into accepting a new contract that makes Greene Planet Bolivia's sole water utility company at significantly higher rates. Bond infiltrates the hotel and executes the chief of police for betraying Mathis, and then confronts Greene. The hotel is destroyed during the battle, but Camille kills Medrano, and Bond captures Greene. After interrogating him about Quantum, Bond leaves Greene stranded in the middle of the desert with only a can of motor oil. Bond and Camille kiss before they part.
Bond goes to Kazan, Russia, where he confronts Vesper Lynd's former lover, Yusef Kabira (Simon Kassianides), who is with Corrine (Stana Katic), a Canadian agent. Yusef is a member of Quantum who seduces women with valuable connections, such as Vesper. In an act of restraint, Bond decides not to kill Yusef and allows MI6 to arrest him. Outside, M tells Bond that Greene was found in the middle of the desert dead, with motor oil in his stomach, but Bond denies knowing anything. M also reveals that Felix has been promoted and has taken Beam's place. She reinstates Bond as an agent; he tells M that he never left. As he leaves, he drops the necklace Yusef had given Vesper in the snow.
Movie Info:

Directed by Marc Forster
Produced by Michael G. Wilson
Barbara Broccoli
Written by Ian Fleming (lead character)
Michael G. Wilson
Screenplay by Joshua Zetumer (uncredited)
Paul Haggis
Neal Purvis
Robert Wade
Starring Daniel Craig
Olga Kurylenko
Mathieu Amalric
Gemma Arterton
Judi Dench
Jeffrey Wright
Giancarlo Giannini
Music by David Arnold
"Another Way to Die"
Cinematography Roberto Schaefer
Editing by Matt Chesse
Rick Pearson
Studio EON Productions
Distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Columbia Pictures
Release date(s) 31 October 2008 (2008-10-31)(United Kingdom)
14 November 2008 (United States)
Running time 106 minutes
Country United Kingdom
United States

File Info:

Size.............: 906MB
Genre:...........: Action |Thriller
Video Format.....: MKV
Resolution.......: 720 x 320
Audio Language...: Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, English
Audio Type.......: AAC @ 160kbps

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Constantine (2005 film)

Constantine (2005 film)-Tamil dubbed

Story Line:
Set in Los Angeles, California, John Constantine (Keanu Reeves) is a chain-smoking cynic who can see half-angels and half-demons in their true forms and who seeks salvation from eternal damnation in Hell for a suicide attempt in his youth by exorcising half-demons, with the aid of his sidekick Chas (Shia LaBeouf). After a recent case involving a full-fledged demon, and having been diagnosed with lung cancer, Constantine seeks an audience with the androgynous half-breed angel Gabriel (Tilda Swinton). Gabriel tells him that as he does his exorcisms to escape Hell and for his own benefit, they are vain acts that will not spare him. Departing, he encounters LAPD officer Angela Dodson (Rachel Weisz), investigating the death of her twin sister Isabel, who leapt from the roof of the mental hospital she was committed to. Constantine then destroys an attacking true demon, then tries to speak with former witch-doctor turned owner of a nightclub that serves as neutral ground for half-breeds, Papa Midnite (Djimon Honsou), about this attack. He is rebuffed and dismissed, however. Constantine, with the help of his associates Beeman (Max Baker), Hennessy (Pruitt Taylor Vince), and Chas, then begins investigating the situation.
Constantine tells Angela that God and Lucifer have a standing wager for the souls of all mankind. The rule for this wager is that true angels and demons cannot manifest on Earth, but they can possess and influence humans. Afterwards, Constantine finds out Isabel was psychic, and her visions led to her institutionalization. With the help of Hennessy and Beeman, Constantine finds out that the demons are working for Mammon, Lucifer’s son, who seeks to create his own kingdom on Earth. Mammon's plan requires a powerful psychic, for which reason the half-demon Balthazar (Gavin Rossdale) locates Isabel and Angela. Angela reveals that she possessed the same gift but denied hers to the point that it became inactive. At her request, Constantine reawakens it, by leading her to a death experience (drowning her in the bathtub) so she can see demons’ and angels’ true forms.
Constantine attacks and interrogates Balthazar, who reveals that Mammon has obtained the Spear of Destiny, which has the blood of Jesus Christ encrusted on it. Angela is kidnapped to be used as the portal for Mammon’s entrance to Earth. Constantine storms Midnite’s club and after a brief scuffle, Midnite allows Constantine access to “the chair,” an old electric chair from Sing Sing Prison that had killed over 200 people. It grants Constantine visions which show him that the Spear was discovered in Mexico and that it is already in L.A. Constantine and Chas go to Isabel’s hospital, where Mammon is conducting the ritual to rise in Angela’s body. After exorcising numerous half-breed demons, the pair interrupt the ritual and attempt to exorcise Mammon from Angela, costing Chas his life at the hands of an invisible force.
Using sigils tattooed on his arms, John forces Gabriel (Tilda Swinton), to reveal itself, but Constantine is promptly subdued. Gabriel explains that it resents God’s favoritism towards humans and the forgiveness they are readily given. Gabriel believes that by bringing Hell to Earth, those who survive can become worthy of God’s love through repentance and faith. Gabriel throws Constantine from the room and begins to release Mammon. As Gabriel goes to stab Angela with the Spear and release Mammon, Constantine slits his wrists. Time stops and Lucifer (Peter Stormare), who hates Constantine enough to collect his soul personally, arrives. Constantine tells Lucifer about Mammon’s plan and Lucifer sends Mammon back to Hell to keep Mammon from conquering Earth before him. Gabriel attempts to smite Lucifer, but is relieved of its holy powers and defeated.
In return for helping Lucifer, Constantine is owed a favour, but rather than asking for an 'extension' and be restored to life, he instead asks that Isabel be allowed to go to Heaven. Lucifer happily obliges, but, as he begins to drag Constantine to Hell, Heaven appears before him; by sacrificing himself for Isabel when there was clearly nothing in it for him, Constantine has proven himself worthy to enter Heaven. Infuriated, Lucifer heals Constantine’s wounds and cures him of his cancer so that Constantine would have a second chance to 'prove that [he] truly belongs in Hell'. Constantine retrieves the Spear and departs with Angela, but not before a now-human Gabriel attempts to goad Constantine into committing murder, only for Constantine to simply respond by punching the now-fallen angel, introducing a part of humanity: physical pain. Gabriel, defeated, nevertheless delighted in Constantine's choosing "the higher path", says, "You could have shot me, John...look how well you're doing!"
Constantine then gives the Spear to Angela and instructs her to hide it where no one can find it. The final shot before the credits reveals that Constantine has switched from cigarettes to gum.
After the credits, Constantine visits Chas’ grave and sees Chas rise into Heaven as an angel.
Movie Info:
Directed by Francis Lawrence
Produced by Gilbert Adler
Michael Aguilar
Screenplay by Kevin Brodbin
Frank Cappello
Story by Kevin Brodbin
Music by Klaus Badelt
Brian Tyler
Cinematography Philippe Rousselot
Editing by Wayne Wahrman
Studio Warner Bros.
Village Roadshow Pictures
Lonely Film Productions GmbH & Co. KG.
The Donners' Company
Batfilm Productions
Weed Road Pictures
3 Art Entertainment
Distributed by Warner Bros.
Release date(s) February 8, 2005 (2005-02-08)
(Hong Kong)
February 18, 2005 (2005-02-18)
(United States)
Running time 121 minutes
Country United States
Language English

File Info:

Size.............: 351MB
Genre:...........: Action |Horror
Video Format.....: MKV
Resolution.......: 720 x 320
Audio Language...: Tamil
Audio Type.......: AAC @ 160kbps 
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