War of the Worlds (2005 film)

 Speak Now 

War of the Worlds (2005 film)-Tamil dubbed

Story Line:

The film begins with the novel's narration (provided by Morgan Freeman) which reflects on how mankind was too busy with their own concerns that they had not noticed they were being watched by aliens with superior intellects and sinister intentions.
Ray Ferrier (Tom Cruise) is a dock worker residing in Bayonne, New Jersey. One day, his ex-wife, Mary Ann (Miranda Otto), drops off their children, Rachel (Dakota Fanning) and Robbie (Justin Chatwin), at his house as she is going to Boston to meet with her parents. While Ray sleeps, Robbie takes Ray's car out of the house without his permission. When Ray wakes up, he goes out to search for his son, and notices a strange wall cloud, which starts to send out electromagnetic pulses in the form of lightning in the nearby area, which disables all working electronic devices in the area, including cars. Ray then leaves to investigate, along the way telling Manny, the local mechanic, to replace the solenoid on a dead car. Ray and other numerous people are then attracted to a small hole in the ground caused by the lightning strikes. The ground then starts to rip open and a massive machine standing on three long legs appears. After emerging, the Tripod makes a loud blaring sound, and then opens fire with its Heat-Ray and begins vaporizing bystanders and destroying everything in its path. Ray manages to escape and return to his house. Knowing it is no longer safe, Ray packs up his kids and leaves. He then manages to steal the vehicle Manny repaired, and along with Robbie and Rachel leave as the tripod destroys the town around them.
Ray drives to Mary Ann and her new husband's house to take refuge that night. The next morning he discovers that the electromagnetic lightning storms have caused a Boeing 747 to crash into the houses. Ray meets a small news team searching the wreckage, who show him footage of Tripods destroying other cities, and also that aliens apparently "rode" down the lightning into the ground where the Tripods were located. After hearing the siren of an approaching Tripod, the news crew leaves, and Ray, along with his children, flee to join with Mary in Boston. While driving along NY 385, they are witnesses to a slew of bodies being carried in a river, a sign of the high casualties. They are then forced to leave their car after a mob attacks them in order to take the vehicle, and survive a Tripod attack while navigating the Hudson River on a ferry.
The family then encounters the U.S. military preparing to mount an attack on the Tripods on a hill top. Robbie, obsessed with joining the fight against the hostile aliens, leaves with the military after Ray goes to stop a couple who were carrying Rachel away. As Ray retrieves Rachel, the tripods overwhelm the military and begin to open fire on the refugees. The tripods are protected by some kind of energy shield which makes them completely invulnerable to all forms of attack. While escaping from the tripods, Ray and Rachel are offered shelter and protection by a stranger, Harlan Ogilvy (Tim Robbins), who vows revenge on the aliens after his family was killed upon their arrival. He plans to begin a resistance against the aliens, believing that more and more waves of Tripods are on their way. While hiding in Harlan's basement, they witness the Tripods spreading a strange red weed substance over the ground, and avoid detection by both a metallic snake-like probe and four aliens who arrive to explore the basement. The following morning, Harlan suffers a mental breakdown after witnessing a Tripod harvesting blood and tissue from a human to fertilize the weed. Concerned that Harlan's yelling and ranting will attract the Tripods, Ray kills Harlan to silence him. Ray and Rachel's hideout is exposed however when another probe catches them while they sleep. Ray cripples the probe using an axe, but Rachel is so scared she flees the house, eventually being caught by a Tripod.
While pursuing the Tripod, Ray finds several hand grenades in a destroyed Humvee and detonates one of them to attract the Tripod's attention. After Ray is captured and put into a basket with Rachel and several other prisoners, the aliens try to pull Ray inside the Tripod, to be used as fertilizer for the red vine, but the other prisoners manage to pull him out. The grenades left by Ray inside the Tripod's cabin then detonate, causing the Tripod to collapse and freeing the captives. Soon afterward, Ray and Rachel arrive in Boston, where they notice the red weeds are starting to dry up and die, and the Tripods appear to be dying also. They witness a Tripod acting strangely, struggling to keep balance and taking little notice of the soldiers and refugees. Ray notices a cluster of birds are circling and landing on the hood of the machine, indicating the Tripod's force fields are no longer functioning. Ray alerts nearby soldiers, who attack and destroy the Tripod with two FGM-148 Javelins and a Carl Gustav recoilless rifle, leaving it crashing through a warehouse and onto the ground. Approaching the downed Tripod, a hatch opens, revealing an alien pilot which lets out a final growl and dies. Ray and Rachel reach Mary Ann's parent's house and find her and, to their surprise, Robbie, who has somehow survived the attack on the hilltop. As the camera zooms back to overview the wrecked city and downed Tripods, the narrator reveals that the aliens were dying because they were suffering from terrestrial microbial diseases, which they contracted from consuming Earth's air and resources, and for which they had no immunity.
Directed by Steven Spielberg
Produced by Kathleen Kennedy
Colin Wilson
Damian Collier
Paula Wagner
Written by Josh Friedman
David Koepp
H.G. Wells (novel)
Narrated by Morgan Freeman
Starring Tom Cruise
Dakota Fanning
Justin Chatwin
Tim Robbins
Miranda Otto
Music by John Williams
Cinematography Janusz Kamiński
Editing by Michael Kahn
Studio Amblin Entertainment
Cruise/Wagner Productions
Distributed by United States:
Paramount Pictures (theatrical)
DreamWorks Pictures (DVD)
Non-United States:
Paramount Pictures (all rights)
Release date(s) June 28, 2005 (2005-06-28) (Kuwait)
June 29, 2005 (2005-06-29)
Running time 116 minutes
Country United States
Language English
File Info:

Size.............: 594Mb
Genre:...........: Action |Adventure|scientific
Video Format.....: MKV
Resolution.......: 720 x 320
Audio Language...: Tamil
Audio Type.......: AAC @ 160kbps 

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The Chronicles of Riddick (2004 film)

 The 7th Victim 

The Chronicles of Riddick (2004 film)-Tamil dubbed

Story Line:

The film opens with a narrative, explaining the motives of the Necromongers, a race of conquerors traveling across space toward the Underverse, a dark mirror of the normal universe where death has no meaning. Their leader, the Lord Marshal (Colm Feore), commands his troops to overrun worlds and convert their inhabitants into Necromongers; those who oppose conversion are killed.
The story begins on the icy world of the planet U.V.6 where Richard B. Riddick (Vin Diesel) is evading bounty hunter Toombs (Nick Chinlund) and his crew. Toombs is trying to collect the 1.5 million bounty placed on Riddick's head. Riddick kills or disables all but Toombs and leaves the planet with their ship, setting a course for the planet Helion Prime, from which the bounty originated. In the Director's Cut, Riddick is plagued by visions from a character named Shirah (Kristin Lehman) during the flight, who tells Riddick he is the last of a warrior-race called the Furyans.
When Riddick lands on Helion Prime, he confronts Imam (Keith David) in the city of New Mecca, believing he is responsible for the bounty. Imam explains that he only gave information on Riddick's location to the one who placed the bounty. Imam also tells Riddick that Jack, the other survivor from Pitch Black, went looking for him five years earlier, missing his brother-like influence. She became a criminal and was sent to prison on the planet Crematoria. He introduces Aereon (Judi Dench), an envoy of the Elementals, who arranged for Riddick to be brought to Helion. She explains he is part of a prophecy that states a lone Furyan will one day challenge an unstoppable evil and bring balance back to the universe, and says the Necromongers are the ones whose demise the prophecy foretells.
Following this revelation, the Necromonger army attacks Helion Prime, wiping out the planet's defenses in one night. Imam is killed in the attack while protecting his family. An enraged Riddick heads to the city forum, where the Helion Prime leaders are gathered before the Necromongers and the Lord Marshal. He challenges and dispatches Imam's killer easily. Suspicious of his abilities, the Lord Marshal has Riddick taken into his fortress to confirm his identity. Placed before the psychic Quasi-Deads, who claim Riddick is a Furyan, the Lord Marshal orders his death. Riddick escapes, only to run into Toombs again. Toombs has hired a new crew. Riddick allows himself to be captured so he can be transported to Crematoria, a dead world where daytime surface temperatures scorch the face of the planet.
Riddick is reunited with Jack (Alexa Davalos), who now goes by the name of Kyra. She blames him for leaving her and Imam in New Mecca, but eventually they reconcile. Back on Helion Prime, the Lord Marshal commands Necromonger Commander Vaako (Karl Urban) to find Riddick and have him killed, so Vaako sets out with a small group of Necromongers and a Purifier (Linus Roache) to bring him down. Vaako is curious as to why the Lord Marshal is so afraid of Riddick. With encouragement from his rabidly ambitious wife, Dame Vaako (Thandie Newton), the two learn, before he achieved his current title, the Lord Marshal destroyed the Furyans' homeworld of Furya and its citizens. This occurred after a seer foretold that a male Furyan would cause his downfall. They deduce Riddick is the one in the prophecy.
When Toombs and his crew argue over Riddick's bounty with the prison warden and his guards, the warden reveals he has pictures of the incoming Necromongers, who have picked up the trail left behind by Toombs's ship. A gunfight erupts, with the staff emerging victorious. The warden and guards depart, running through man-made tunnels towards the ship hangar, locking the rest of prison down to prevent the inmates from escaping. Riddick, Kyra, and some of the inmates decide to reach the hangar first by traveling on the surface, surviving by keeping pace with the temperate zone created between the scorching heat and freezing cold of Crematoria's daily cycles. They reach the hangar, but Vaako and his contingent of soldiers have arrived on the planet, hastily taking out the warden and his guards. Riddick and company are forced to fight the Necromongers.
Amidst the numerous casualties, Vaako narrowly defeats Riddick. In the Director's Cut, Riddick suddenly manifests a powerful energy burst which knocks out both himself and most of the Necromongers. Vaako leaves Riddick for dead as the rising sun burns Crematoria's surface. Vaako and the surviving Necromongers make their escape, taking Kyra, who believes Riddick has perished. Riddick nearly burns to death, but is suddenly saved by the Purifier. He states the Lord Marshal has offered to spare Riddick's life in exchange for assurance that Riddick will not attempt to kill him; however, the Purifier goes on to say Vaako will likely claim Riddick's death, in fear of failure, leaving the Lord Marshal vulnerable. Before walking into the sunlight and his death, the Purifier reveals himself to also be a Furyan.
Vaako returns to the Legion Vast, where the Lord Marshal promotes him. Riddick flies Toombs's ship back to Helion Prime, intending to rescue Kyra. Not quite convinced of Riddick's death, the Lord Marshal orders the "Final Protocol", which will ultimately destroy all life on Helion Prime. Dame Vaako spots Riddick, who has infiltrated the mother ship. She suggests to her husband that he be allowed to fight the Lord Marshal, hopefully injuring him and allowing Vaako to deal the final blow so he may assume power, based on the Necromonger philosophy, "you keep what you kill." Riddick makes his way to the throne room, where he comes face to face with the Lord Marshal, who reveals Kyra has converted to their faith. After lamenting to himself that the Necromonger has killed everyone he loved, Riddick does battle with the Lord Marshal, whose unique powers prove too great for Riddick to handle.
Before the Lord Marshal can deliver the final blow, Kyra stabs him in the back, but he backhands her into a spike on a column, mortally wounding her. Vaako, sensing an opportunity to vanquish his superior and claim leadership, strikes out at the Lord Marshal, who narrowly escapes the blow. Riddick, however, has positioned himself where the Lord Marshall has retreated to, and stabs the Lord Marshal in the head, killing him.
Riddick turns to the mortally wounded Kyra, and she dies in his arms after telling Riddick that she was "always" with him. As he collapses with grief on the Necromonger throne, the Legion Vast kneel before him, and Riddick remains silent while Aereon ruminates on the irony of the situation. In the Director's Cut, the film abruptly ends with Riddick repeating the Necromonger adage "you keep what you kill," realizing he is the new leader of their empire. In the theatrical cut, the Necromonger fleet abruptly departs, sparing Helion Prime. The epilogue of the novel adaptation goes even further with Riddick ordering the Necromonger fleet to the Threshold, gateway to the Underverse.
Directed by David Twohy
Produced by Scott Kroopf
Vin Diesel
Written by David Twohy
Starring Vin Diesel
Judi Dench
Thandie Newton
Karl Urban
Nick Chinlund
Colm Feore
Alexa Davalos
Music by Graeme Revell
Cinematography Hugh Johnson
Editing by Director's Cut:
Tracy Adams
Martin Hunter
Dennis Virkler
Studio Radar Pictures
Distributed by Universal Pictures
Release date(s) June 11, 2004 (2004-06-11)
Running time Theatrical Cut:
119 minutes
Director's Cut:
135 minutes
Country United States
Language English
File Info:

Size.............: 348Mb
Genre:...........: Action |Scientific
Video Format.....: MP4
Resolution.......: 720 x 320
Audio Language...: Tamil
Audio Type.......: AAC @ 160kbps

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The Fast and the Furious (2001 film)

 The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 

The Fast and the Furious (2001 film)-Tamil dubbed

Story Line:

Brian O'Conner (Walker) is a police officer tasked by an LAPD/FBI joint operation with infiltrating a Los Angeles street racing gang, suspected to be the culprits of a string of high-speed truck hijackings perpetrated by a trio of black 1995 Honda Civics with green neon lighting under the chassis. Brian gets a job at a local shop and works his way up until finally getting an opportunity to compete against elite street racer Dominic Toretto (Diesel) and two other contestants at a large, late-night event. Brian barters his way into the race with the title for his 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse RS. O'Conner appears to be ahead in the race, having equipped his Eclipse with Nitrous Oxide tanks for an edge over his competition. However, after using both tanks while in the race he damages his intake manifold, resulting in more severe damage to his engine. He loses the race, but gains Toretto's respect when he arrives in time to prevent Torretto from being collared by the LAPD after their arrival on-scene to break up the race. After losing the police, the duo accidentally venture into the Little Saigon area of southern California, and encounter a rival gang led by Johnny Tran (Yune). After a brief discussion over territory, the gang seems to depart, but Tran and his cousin Lance (Lee) return and open up in a barrage of gunfire with Uzi submachine gun fire on the Eclipse. When gunfire ruptures the Nitrous Oxide tanks, the ensuing explosion wrecks the Eclipse, leaving Torretto and O'Conner to complete the rest of their journey home on foot.
The next day, O'Conner is "arrested" by his superior (and handler) in the LAPD, Sgt. Tanner (Levine). They arrive at the operations headquarters. Once inside, Sgt. Tanner and Special Agent of the FBI, Bilkins (Barry) voice their suspicions that Toretto may be the perpetrator of the hijackings and caution Brian to keep an appropriate distance so his judgment is not clouded. Since Brian's first encounter with Toretto, the duo become close friends, creating a problem with Dominic's long-time best friend Vince (Schulze). At the same time, Brian falls in love with Toretto's sister Mia (Brewster). Since the Eclipse that Dominic won the title too was destroyed, Brian saw to it that Dominic be repaid appropriately, and so managed to present Dominic with a totaled 1994 Toyota Supra to use as a blank canvas, and offers his talent as a driver to repay his debt.
While on his own, Brian investigates different individuals in the street racing scene including Hector (Gugliemi) where O'Conner discovers three highly modified Honda Civics. As O'Conner exits Hector's garage he's beaten over the head with a shotgun by Vince and dragged unconscious to an alleyway. As he comes to, Dominic emerges from the shadows and inquires into the reason Brian's lurking around Hector's garage. Brian fabricates a story, telling Dominic that he needs to be sure he can win at Race Wars and therefore must scout his competition. Vince continues to insist that Brian is a police officer but he's ignored by Dominic who instructs Brian to follow him. Dominic, Vince and Brian are driven by Jesse (Lindberg) back to Little Saigon where Jesse drops them just outside of Tran's garage. They infiltrate the building and scout his vehicles. While on site, Brian takes note of a large supply of electronics consistent with the merchandise being stolen from the semi trucks. While searching Tran's garage, Tran's gang arrives and proceeds to question their personal mechanic as to why their vehicles aren't yet prepared for Race Wars, O'Conner watches in horror as Tran and Lance force motor oil down the mechanics throat to make him divulge where the engines they require are located.
Later, O'Connor passes the intelligence he noted at Trans garage over to the LAPD/FBI task force. As the team continues their work on the Supra, Dominic warns Brian about hurting Mia, and explains he wants to show him something. They arrive at Dominic's house where he opens the garage to reveal a pristine 1970 Dodge Charger fully built for drag racing. He explains the vehicle belonged to his father and that he used to race it—the car being so powerful that the chassis would twist as it launched. Dominic continued to explain that one day during a race, an opponent of his fathers named Kenny Linder clipped his fathers vehicle and caused his father to crash into a wall at 120MPH. Dominic held Linder responsible and the next time he saw him he nearly beat him to death with a three-quarter inch torque wrench. As a consequence, Linder was never able to race again and lives as a janitor of a high school, while Dominic has been banned for life from the racetrack and subsequently served two years in prison at Lompoc. Dominic gives Brian insight into his character by telling him that when he races, he experiences freedom from all of his troubles in those brief ten seconds. That night Brian goes on his date with Mia which eventually leads them back to where Brian is staying in the backroom of the store he's working at. Brian receives a phone call from Tanner asking for a confirmation to enact a raid on Trans property. The raid produces no results, as Trans electronics were purchased legally and there were no outstanding criminal charges that implicate Tran and his gang with the hijackings. Bilkins and Tanner return to their original theory that Toretto and his crew are the perpetrators, and Bilkin's gives Brian thirty-six hours to break the case or he will be out of a job.
With the Supra now complete and it's potential tested, Brian and Dominic discuss Dominic's income over lunch. Brian becomes aggressive asserting that it's impossible for Dominic to fund his expensive vehicles and activities based solely on the revenue generated from his repair shop. Dominic hands Brian directions to Race Wars and informs him they'll talk once Brian's proven his worth on the strip.
Early on at Race Wars, Jesse races his imprisoned father's 1995 Volkswagen Jetta against Tran's 2000 Honda S2000 for pink slips and loses. In a state of panic, Jesse hastily flees the track instead of surrendering his car, prompting Tran to confront Toretto and demand that he retrieve the car for him. When Toretto refuses, Tran further antagonizes him by accusing him giving the information to the police that led to the raid which took place earlier. This provokes Dominic into a blind rage and brutally beats Tran. Later that night, Toretto and his team leave Race Wars to commit another hijacking. Brian, now feeling out of time, confesses to Mia that he is an undercover cop and tells her that the truckers are now armed. He convinces her to come with him to save her brother and his friends. Mia reluctantly relents, and goes along with Brian to find Dominic and the team. Mia informs Brian that Dominic stashes the Civic's outside of Thermal. Brian then dials an operator service and gives his serial number to verify his claim as a police officer. He hands the phone over to Mia who gives Toretto's cell phone number to trace him to where the Civics traveling outside of Coachella.
During the hijacking, Vince is severely injured after the truck opens fire on him with an automatic shotgun following his leap onto the front of the semi. After attempting to maneuver back to Dominic's Civic, the truck driver slams his breaks just as Vince leaps from the semi, causing Vince to swing around the side, becoming tangled in his grappling wire and stuck to the passenger door of the semi truck. As Dominic continues to try to help Vince, the other team members attempt to assist, but are thwarted by the trucker. Letty (Rodriguez) initially attempts to draw the truck driver's fire while Dominic moves into rescue Vince but this proves unsuccessful. She then maneuvers her Civic to the other side of the semi truck by dashing under the trailer to the other side, however moments after the maneuver the truck driver slams the semi into her Civic causing her to lose control and flip multiple times over an embankment on the side of the highway. Brian and Mia arrive on scene, and working together manage to rescue Vince, with Brian jumping off the truck just before the truck driver fires out of the window after reloading.
Dominic arrives on-scene to find Brian and Mia crouched over Vince out in the field to which they pulled off the highway in, attempting slow the bleeding from the lacerations on his arm. Brian makes the difficult decision of blowing his cover wide open by phoning in for a medivac, revealing his status as an undercover officer in Dominic's presence. Dominic is visibly enraged, but contains his anger and after Vince is airlifted from the scene, forces Mia to return home with him, Letty and Leon (Strong).

Back at Toretto's house, Brian attempts to confront Toretto, who is gearing up to look for Jesse before Tran's gang finds him. Just at that moment, Jesse shows up, apologizing to Dominic for his actions at Race Wars and pleading for his help, explaining that he's terrified of what Tran will do. Brian and Dominic hear the sound of dirt bikes in the distance and look to see Tran and his cousin suddenly appear with suppressed Uzi's, and perform a drive-by shooting at the house killing Jesse. Brian and Toretto go after them, with Toretto using his late father's prized Charger. Brian maintains close pursuit of Tran and Lance, though Lance pulls off the road in an attempt to flank Brian. Just as Lance is about to open fire on Brian from behind, Toretto appears and forces Lance off the road while Brian shoots Tran, killing him.
Brian and Dominic then engage in an impromptu street race, narrowly missing a passing train. Toretto, however, is injured after he sideswipes a passing semi-truck, sending his Charger up in mid-air before crashing violently. Instead of arresting him, Brian hands the keys of the Supra they built together over to Dominic, and lets him escape, recalling how desperately Dominic wishes to avoid prison time again and making good on his promise to Toretto for a "ten second car".
After the end credits, Toretto is seen driving through Baja California in a 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS and his voice can be heard saying, "I live my life a quarter mile at a time, nothing else matters. For those ten seconds or less.... I'm free." — recalling a crucial line from an earlier scene when Brian and him are in his home garage where Dominic revealed the Dodge Charger (and the story behind it) to Brian.
Directed by Rob Cohen
Produced by Neal H. Moritz
Associate Producer:
Creighton Bellinger
Executive Producer:
Doug Claybourne
John Pogue
Written by Ken Li (magazine article "Racer X")
Gary Scott Thompson
Erik Bergquist
David Ayer
Starring Paul Walker
Vin Diesel
Michelle Rodriguez
Jordana Brewster
Music by BT
Cinematography Ericson Core
Editing by Peter Honess
Studio Original Film
Mediastream Film
Distributed by Universal Pictures
Release date(s) June 22, 2001
Running time 106 minutes
Country United States, Germany
Language English
File Info:

Size.............: 358Mb
Genre:...........: Action | thriller
Video Format.....:MP4
Resolution.......: 720 x 320
Audio Language...: Tamil
Audio Type.......: AAC @ 160kbps

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The Incredible Hulk (2008 film)

The Incredible Hulk (2008 film)-Tamil dubbed

Story Line:
A montage during the opening credit sequence details the film's backstory and the origin of the Hulk. General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross (William Hurt) meets with Dr. Bruce Banner (Edward Norton), the colleague and lover of his daughter Betty (Liv Tyler). He wants him to revive a World War II-era military supersoldier, but tells Banner the goal of the experiment is to make human beings immune to gamma radiation. The experiment fails, transforming Banner into the monstrous Hulk (voiced by Lou Ferrigno), and injuring Betty. Now whenever Banner becomes angry or outraged, he transforms into the Hulk. A fugitive from the United States Army, Banner has been on the run for five years.
As the film opens, Banner works at a soda bottling factory in Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro while searching for a cure for his condition (through analyzing the properties of certain rare Amazonian plants and herbs) with the help of a colleague on the Internet, known only as "Mr. Blue", and to whom he is known as "Mr. Green". He is also learning meditative breathing techniques from a martial arts expert (Rickson Gracie) to help regulate his pulse rate and keep his anger under control, and has not transformed in 158 days. After Banner cuts his finger, a drop of his blood ends up in one of the bottles, and is eventually ingested by an ill-fated consumer (Stan Lee) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, revealing Banner's location to Ross, who sends a team to capture him, led by Russian-born British special ops expert Emil Blonsky (Tim Roth). Banner escapes by transforming into the Hulk and defeating Blonsky's team. After Ross explains how Banner first became the Hulk, a vengeful Blonsky agrees to be injected with a small amount of a new super soldier serum, which gives him enhanced strength, speed, agility, reflexes, endurance, and healing.
Meanwhile, Banner returns to Culver University in Virginia, where he first became the Hulk, and reunites with Betty, who is dating psychiatrist Leonard Samson (Ty Burrell). Before he leaves the area, Banner is attacked by Ross and Blonsky's forces, having been tipped off by the suspicious Samson. The Hulk dispatches Ross and Blonsky's team, resulting in a hospital stay for Blonsky, and flees with Betty. After the Hulk reverts back to Banner, he and Betty go on the run. After several stops, Banner again makes contact with Mr. Blue, who urges them to travel to New York City to meet him. He turns out to be cellular biologist and college professor Dr. Samuel Sterns (Tim Blake Nelson), who tells Banner that he has developed a possible antidote that may cure Banner's condition, or merely reverse each individual transformation. After a successful test, Sterns reveals that he has synthesized Banner's blood samples, which Banner sent from Brazil, into a large supply, with the intention of using it to bring humans to the next evolutionary level. Appalled by what Sterns had done, and fearful of the Hulk's power falling into the wrong hands, Banner attempts to convince Sterns to destroy the blood supply, but he is attacked by Ross' forces and taken into custody with Betty.
Blonsky forces Sterns to inject him with Banner's blood sample, as he covets the awesome power of the Hulk. Sterns warns that the combination of the supersoldier formula (on which Blonsky has overdosed, slightly deforming his skeleton) and a gamma treatment would be an unpredictable combination that could turn him into an "Abomination". Unconcerned, Blonsky forces Sterns to administer the gamma charge, and he mutates into a hideous monster, with strength and power that surpasses that of the Hulk, but retaining Blonsky's intelligence and personality. Blonsky, now the Abomination, rampages through Harlem to draw the Hulk out. At the lab, an irradiated sample of Banner's blood-derivative drips into an open wound on Sterns' temple, causing his cranium to mutate and expand, much to his delight.
Banner, realizing that the Hulk is the only one who can stop the monster, convinces General Ross to release him. He jumps from Ross' helicopter as it hovers over the city, the adrenaline surge of the act transforming him into the Hulk. After a long and brutal battle through Harlem, the Hulk defeats Blonsky by nearly strangling him to death with a huge chain, relenting his grip only after Betty's plea. After having a small, peaceful moment with Betty, the Hulk flees. Thirty-one days later, Banner is in Bella Coola, British Columbia. Instead of trying to suppress his transformations, he is attempting to initiate them in a controlled manner. As his eyes turn green, a grin appears on his face.
Meanwhile, a disgraced General Ross is drowning his sorrows by drinking in a bar when he is approached by industrialist Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.), who casually reveals that they are putting a "team" together.
Directed by Louis Leterrier
Produced by
Screenplay by
Story by Zak Penn
Based on
Music by Craig Armstrong
Cinematography Peter Menzies Jr.
Editing by
Distributed by Universal Pictures
Release date(s) June 13, 2008 (2008-06-13)
Running time 112 minutes
Country United States


Direct Download
File Info:

Size.............: 460Mb
Genre:...........: Action | thriller
Video Format.....: MKV
Resolution.......: 720 x 320
Audio Language...: Tamil and English
Audio Type.......: AAC @ 160kbps 

O Holy Night (CD/DVD)

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Live Free or Die Hard(Die Hard 4) (2007 film)

Live Free or Die Hard(Die Hard 4) (2007 film)-Tamil dubbed

Story Line:
A number of computer hackers upload programs they were paid to code to a woman named Mai Linh (Maggie Q). Soon, all of the unknown hackers are killed by explosives wired to their computers. Mai uses the programs to cause a brief computer outage at the FBI Cyber-Security Division in the J. Edgar Hoover Building. The FBI responds by initiating a nationwide roundup of all known top hackers. NYPD detective John McClane is assigned to bring a hacker named Matthew "Matt" Farrell (Justin Long) into FBI custody. McClane's unexpected arrival stops Farrell from unknowingly triggering the explosives meant for him. Mai has assassins as backup, but McClane is able to protect Farrell and kill most of their attackers. The next day, Mai's boss and companion, Thomas Gabriel (Timothy Olyphant), gives her orders to initiate his plot. The first phase involves taking control of the transportation grid (most particularly, traffic lights) and the stock market.
McClane takes Farrell to the FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C., where Farrell is questioned. FBI director Miguel Bowman is uninterested in his surmise: Farrell believes that the terrorists are mounting a "fire sale" attack, taking advantage of the vulnerability of the nation's computer-controlled infrastructure. McClane and Farrell are driven in a convoy to a secure building, but Gabriel and Mai are able to locate Farrell and divert the convoy to gunmen waiting in a helicopter. In the ensuing firefight, McClane manages to destroy the helicopter with a police cruiser.
As McClane and Farrell recover, over the Fourth of July weekend, Gabriel televises a national broadcast of a fake video of the United States Capitol exploding, setting off a public panic. Farrell believes that the power grid will be the next target, and directs McClane to a utility superstation in West Virginia, where they find Mai and her henchmen. McClane is able to kill all of them. When Gabriel tries to contact Mai, he reaches McClane instead, who taunts him with the news of his dead girlfriend. Farrell transmits Gabriel's image to the FBI, allowing them to identify their nemesis. Enraged, Gabriel redirects all the natural gas in nearby pipelines to the station, but McClane and Farrell escape just before the resulting explosion causes a power outage over most of the East Coast. Farrell suggests that they get help from his hacker friend, Frederick "Warlock" Kaludis (Kevin Smith).
Warlock, who has power generators ready in case of an outage, locates the program Farrell created for Gabriel. It is being used in a Social Security Administration building at Woodlawn, Maryland, an unlikely target. They discover that it is actually a front for a highly classified government facility which Gabriel instituted during his tenure at the National Security Agency (NSA). In case of a total computer systems failure—such as the one Gabriel manufactured—every critical personal and financial record across the country is sent to servers there to create a backup. Gabriel's men take over the facility and start downloading a copy. Warlock is also able to explain Gabriel's motivation: a talented hacker, he was once a top expert for the NSA. However, he was fired and his reputation was tarnished when he tried to sound the alarm about America's vulnerability to cyber-warfare.
Gabriel detects Warlock's hack and speaks with him, McClane, and Farrell; he reveals to McClane that he has taken McClane's estranged daughter Lucy hostage. After Warlock traces Gabriel's location to Woodlawn, McClane and Farrell head there, where Farrell triggers an alarm in the facility to alert the FBI. As McClane deals with Gabriel's forces, Farrell manages to encrypt the downloaded data to block access to it, but is captured. Gabriel and his men then leave the facility, Farrell and Lucy in tow, before the FBI arrive. McClane hijacks Gabriel's semi and pursues. During the chase, McClane uses the truck's CB to contact Warlock who connects him to Bowman. McClane gives the license plate number of Gabriel's Hazmat van to Bowman so he can use the vehicle's LoJack to locate Gabriel and bring help. Gabriel hacks into the military's computers to deceive a United States Air Force F-35B Lightning II pilot into believing that McClane is a terrorist. The pilot attacks McClane's vehicle, but he manages to survive and inadvertently destroys the aircraft with falling debris. Escaping the destruction, McClane spots Gabriel's Hazmat van pulling into a nearby warehouse and heads there.
McClane dispatches all but one of Gabriel's henchmen, but Gabriel still holds Lucy and Farrell hostage. Gabriel's henchman, Emerson, shoots McClane in his shoulder and Gabriel makes McClane watch as he prepares to kill Lucy and Farrell. However, when Gabriel grinds his gun into McClane's wound, McClane fires it through his own shoulder and into Gabriel, killing him. Gabriel's last surviving henchman is killed by Farrell. Afterwards, to McClane's chagrin, Lucy and Farrell show interest in each other.
Directed by Len Wiseman
Produced by Michael Fottrell
Stephen James Eads
Executive Producer:
William Wisher
Arnold Rifkin
Written by Screenplay:
Mark Bomback
Mark Bomback
David Marconi
John Carlin
Roderick Thorp
Uncredited Screenplay:
Kevin Smith[1]
Bruce Willis
Len Wiseman
Starring Bruce Willis
Justin Long
Timothy Olyphant
Maggie Q
Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Kevin Smith
Cliff Curtis
Music by Marco Beltrami
Cinematography Simon Duggan
Editing by Nicolas De Toth
Studio 20th Century Fox
Cheyenne Enterprises
Dune Entertainment
Ingenious Film Partners
Distributed by 20th Century Fox
Release date(s) June 27, 2007 (2007-06-27)
Running time 129 minutes
Country United States
Language English

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Size.............: 706Mb
Genre:...........: Action | thriller
Video Format.....: MKV
Resolution.......: 720 x 320
Audio Language...: Tamil
Audio Type.......: AAC @ 160kbps

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Casino Royale (2006 film)

Casino Royale (2006 film) -Tamil dubbed

Story Line:
In the opening sequence, James Bond is on a mission that, if successful, will qualify him for double-0 status. He goes to Prague and kills an MI6 section chief, Dryden, who has leaked classified information, and his ally, Fisher. Elsewhere, Mr. White serves as a middleman introducing a banker, Le Chiffre, to a guerrilla group seeking a safe haven for its funds. Le Chiffre assures them that there is "no risk in the portfolio", but his investments actually involve considerable risk: he short-sells stock in successful companies and then engineers terrorist attacks to sink their share prices.
In his first mission as Agent 007, Bond goes to Madagascar in pursuit of an international bomb-maker named Mollaka. After a free running chase to the Nambutu embassy, Bond kills his target and blows up a part of the building in order to escape. He obtains Mollaka's mobile phone and discovers that it has received calls from Alex Dimitrios, an associate of Le Chiffre in the Bahamas. Bond travels there and seduces Dimitros' wife, Solange. While answering a phone call, Solange reveals that her husband is flying to Miami. Bond leaves to pursue him. In Miami, 007 kills Dimitrios and then follows Le Chiffre's henchman, Carlos, to the Miami Airport. There, Bond foils Le Chiffre's plan to destroy the prototype Skyfleet airliner and thus leaves the banker with a major loss.
Now under pressure to recoup his clients' money, Le Chiffre sets up a high-stakes Texas hold 'em tournament at the Casino Royale in Montenegro. Hoping that a defeat would force Le Chiffre to aid the British government in exchange for protection from his creditors, MI6 enters Bond into the tournament. He meets up with Mathis, his ally in Montenegro, and Vesper Lynd, a Treasury agent, who is assigned to look after his handling of the $10 million buy-in. After the tournament is underway for some time, Bond loses his initial stake. Vesper says that it would be a waste of money to continue to stake Bond and refuses to give him the $5 million he needs for a re-buy so he can continue playing.
Distraught over his failure, Bond resolves to assassinate Le Chiffre. Before he can, CIA agent Felix Leiter, who is also playing in the tournament, intervenes and offers to stake Bond in exchange for custody of Le Chiffre. Back in the game, Bond begins to amass chips. Le Chiffre and his associates attempt to kill Bond by poisoning his drink, but he survives and wins the tournament. Soon afterward, Le Chiffre abducts Vesper and uses her to lure Bond into a near-fatal car chase, which results in his capture as well. Le Chiffre tortures Bond's genitals for the access code to the game's winnings. When it becomes clear that Bond will not give in, Le Chiffre advances to castrate him, but Mr. White enters and kills Le Chiffre and his associates for their failure. Bond and Vesper are left alive.
Bond awakens in a hospital on Lake Como and orders Mathis, whom Le Chiffre identified as a double agent, arrested. Bond admits his love for Vesper and vows to quit the service before it strips him of his humanity. Accordingly, he posts his resignation to M and goes on a romantic holiday in Venice with Vesper. However, Bond soon learns that his poker winnings were never deposited in the Treasury's account. Realizing that Vesper has stolen them, he pursues her and members of the organization she is working for into a building under renovation. After killing the enemy guards outside and inside the building, Bond finds Vesper imprisoned in an elevator. Apologizing to him tearfully, she locks the inside door and the elevator plunges underwater. Bond attempts to rescue her, but she drowns before he can reach her. Mr. White, watching from a balcony, walks away with the money.
Bond, feeling betrayed, learns from M that Vesper had a French-Algerian boyfriend who was kidnapped by the organization behind Le Chiffre and Mr. White and that she agreed to deliver the money only if they would consent to leave Bond alive. He then discovers White's name and number in Vesper's mobile phone. White, arriving at a palatial estate near Lake Como, receives a phone call and asks for the caller to identify himself. As soon as he answers, he is shot in the leg. As he painfully crawls towards the villa, Bond appears, gun in hand, and responds, "The name's Bond. James Bond."
Directed by Martin Campbell
Produced by
Written by Ian Fleming
Screenplay by
Music by David Arnold
"You Know My Name"
Cinematography Phil Meheux
Editing by Stuart Baird
Studio Pinewood Studios
Barrandov Studios
Distributed by
Release date(s) 17 November 2006 (2006-11-17)
Running time 144 minutes
  • United States
  • United Kingdom

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Size.............: 337Mb
Genre:...........: Action | thriller
Video Format.....: MP4
Resolution.......: 720 x 320
Audio Language...: Tamil
Audio Type.......: AAC @ 160kbps

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